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Welcome, trainer, to the official PokeResort Wiki!

The ultimate repository where you will find the most useful information about the PokeResort server features and its various custom mechanics!

Currently, 41 articles (1,163 total pages) and 1,070 files are being mantained by our Pokéditors!

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The Server
PokeResort is a place where the majestic oasis, gelid breezes and gilded sunsets merge into a home for the most intrepid, mighty and meticulous community of Pixelmon! It is a natural paradise where you can be anything you want... Want to become the most powerful trainer of all times? A caring and precise breeder for which the deepest secrets and mysteries of Pokémon genetics have become known? Someone who strives to travel around the wilderness, through inhospitable wastelands and magnificent landscapes to catch 'em all? PokeResort offers something that everyone can enjoy, at the flick of their fingers!
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The Pokéditors are the Wiki Team that works behind the scenes on mantaining, writing and uploading new articles and entries as new systems, mechanics and features are released on PokeResort. Currently, this group is composed of 5 Pokéditors.
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List of the most recent news and updates from the Server.