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The PokeCenter, built by Arzie.

The PokeCenter is a place where players can heal, store, arrange and trade their Pokémon using the various machines available. It is located under the Spawn Center, next to the Casino and near the Dojo’s surroundings (the Newbie Garden behind the wooden bridge).


The PokeCenter's front desk, in charge of Officer Jenny.

The PokeCenter features healers to cure damaged/fainted Pokémon (though, the player also has the chance to talk to Officer Jenny to heal them that way), PCs to store/retrieve Pokémon from the 256 boxes available and rearrange their team as they see fit, and Trade Machines to exchange Pokémon with other players. To teleport to the PokeCenter, you can use the /warp pc command. This is a quite useful warp to have in mind, since healers, when placed, cannot be retrieved, and you are able to teleport to the PokeCenter any time you need or want to (you can use the /back command in addition to play back and forth with healing and battling).


In order to heal your Pokémon, you can:

  • Right click the healers with a bare hand.
  • Right click Officer Jenny at the front desk to interact with her, which will automatically restore all your Pokémon.


To access your storage system, you need to right click a PC, which will grant you access to 256 Pokémon storage boxes, the maximum amount currently.


If you want to trade Pokémon with another player, both of you need to right click the same Trade Machine and pick the corresponding Pokémon. When you are happy and satisfied with the offer, you click the Ready button in the Trading menu and (if both parties agree this way) the trade will be conducted. However, it is recommended to use the Safetrade system whenever an exchange of Pokémon, items and money is involved, so in case of rare glitches or scams, the Staff Team has a way to check the specific Pokémon, items and everything involved. You can access this mean of trading using the /safetrade command.

Daily Battle

Through all the Spawn Zone, you will find random NPC Trainers to challenge for a bit of extra money or useful items. There is one near the entrance of the PokéCenter, at the left side:

Sweet Sophia
  • Team:
Pokémon Type(s) Level
Electric Equal
Fire Equal
Ice/Psychic Equal
  • Rewards: 3x Rare Candy.


  • Unlike the Pokémon games saga, where the PokeCenters were in charge of Nurse Joy, the server’s PokeCenter is in charge of Officer Jenny (although, you can still find Pixelmon PokeCenters in the wilderness, which are in charge of Nurse Joy or Scientific NPCs).