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ResortCASH is the money currency used in PokeResort for economic transactions, such as purchases in the Server Shop and buying items, Pokémon, or other various services from other players.


First, it is highly recommended to visit the Starter Guide to get a quick, broad and introductory outlook on ResortCASH. There you will find a brief explanation on the methods available for earning ResortCASH and ways to spend it using the server features, which will grant you a general knowledge to get you started.

Now, if you have seen the articled cited above, you will be probably wondering the reason to make another guide, since that one seems to cover pretty much everything. The objective of this guide, however, is to show you some of the optimal and faster methods to begin amassing a great amount of money, given the case that you want to, for example, save for that expensive and rare legend you found in the GTS system, want to purchase the higher progression ranks in less time, or even just for the sake of being among the richest players in the top balance ranking (which is accessible through the /baltop command).

In addition to the core goal of this article, the main usages of ResortCASH will also be discussed, trying to keep a wise and sound mindset in terms of spending the money currency and to avoid reaching a bankrupt point.

Earning ResortCASH

Earning ResortCASH can be difficult and time-consuming, and even frustrating when you do not see the results reflecting the effort you have put into farming/grinding. Worry no more! In this part of the guide, we will unfold the best methods for grinding/farming ResortCASH, so you get the best outcomes and can achieve the goals you have in mind.

Method 1: Boss Pokémon BossIcon.png

A wild boss Swampert.

One of the most common and spread means to increase your ResortCASH balance is to grind boss Pokémon. As it was stated in the Starter Guide, in PokeResort, wild Pokémon have a chance of 50% of yielding money (either $50, $100, $150 or $200), which is represented as a PokéGift in the rewards screen that shows up after winning the battle.

The rewards menu, displaying the ResortCASH yield.

However, in regards to this special kind of Pokémon, a particularity makes them more attractive for ResortCASH farming: they apply a multiplier to the amount of money you can get. The following table highlights the multipliers for each of them:

Rarity of Boss Pokémon Multiplier
Uncommon 2.0x
Rare 2.5x
Legendary 3.0x
Ultimate 3.5x

So, for example, if you defeat a Legendary Boss Pokémon, the amount of ResortCASH would get multiplied by 3.0, resulting in possible drops of $150, $300, $450 or $600 (with the same chance, 50%). Same principle rules the other types of boss Pokémon.

The rewards menu, displaying a special drop.

Another particularity of boss Pokémon is that they have a chance of giving you a special drop. Special drops are tiered rewards, which vary with the rarity of the mechanism involved. In this case, the type and tier of special drop is tied with the quality/rarity of the boss Pokémon, meaning that the rarer the boss Pokémon, the better the pool of possible special drops. Briefly speaking, these include diverse held items, orbs, berries, Poké Balls, rare candies, among many others that can enhance your Pokémon training or competitive usage, or simply to contribute to your money grinding by selling them with our /sell system (explained in the Alternative Methods section). For more information about this category of drops, visit the Pixelmon Wiki article here.

You might be wondering, with this information, where is it possible to find boss Pokémon. Here we can bifurcate the method in two paths, following the two main locations for boss Pokémon farming: the Boss Tower or a Haunted Tower.

Boss Tower

One of the floors of the Boss Tower.

The Boss Tower is a public location in the Spawn Zone, built specially for boss Pokémon grinding. There are various floors with Pixelmon spawners constantly summoning more Pokémon, with a 10% chance of them being a boss Pokémon (with the 10% chance splitting further with the different rarities of boss Pokémon). For more in depth explanations and information about it, you can refer to the article linked in the subtitle.

As boss Pokémon are more powerful and higher-leveled forms of their species, they can be a challenge without proper preparations.

  • The recommendation is to have at least one outstanding Pokémon at level 100 to face them, and one or two other Pokémon that can back it up in case the top option faints.
  • With this little team of two or three Pokémon, the method consists in teleporting up and down using the elevators to defeat as many boss Pokémon as possible.
    • Upstairs, on each floor, there are healers and PCs, if you have the urge to restore the health of fainted Pokémon or heavily wounded ones, and maybe rearrange your party.
  • A good way to complement it is by defeating all the Pokémon spawning in the different floors, as not only the boss Pokémon yield money, but also regular Pokémon do too; in the long term, you will be getting more ResortCASH, as boss Pokémon can take some time to spawn, and defeating the normal forms can give more room for them and also give you bonus money.

Haunted Tower HaunterIcon.png

A Haunted Tower is a naturally generated structure that can be found in the wilderness, specifically in biomes such as Swamplands, Forests, Birch Forests and Roofed Forests.

It features various floors that have the appearance to be in ruins, with three of them having Pixelmon spawners. Bear in mind, when searching for them, that they can be hidden under and surrounded by cobblestone and mossy cobblestone blocks.

The two bottom Pixelmon spawners of the Haunted Towers generate Ghost-type Pokémon (both normal and boss forms), meanwhile the one at the roof only generates Ghost-type boss Pokémon (above it, there is a Master Ball Hidden PokéLoot; make sure to collect it!). In the following tables, you will find information for the species of Pokémon and their types, ordered by floor:

  • Floor 2:
Pokémon Type(s)
  • Floor 5:
Pokémon Type(s)
  • Floor 7 (Roof):
Pokémon Type(s)

As a friendly warning, the Pokémon generated from the first two Pixelmon spawners (excepting boss Pokémon) will challenge the player upon sight, due to their AI behavior being set to aggressive by default.

  • To get the maximum benefit out of the spawners, it is highly recommended to remove all the remaining blocks (cobblestone, glass, and mossy stone, among others), due to them potentially restricting and preventing Pokémon to spawn.
  • Once you have removed all the blocks and only the three Pixelmon spawners are in their places, the next step is to build a 10x10-platform right under each one of them (the platform has to be touching the spawner), with no roof (as roofs prevent them from spawning, or makes their spawning slower).
  • Now, the process is similar as it was with the public Boss Tower; with an outstanding Pokémon of level 100, and one or more other Pokémon as backups, camp the top platform to defeat boss Pokémon (as this spawner exclusively generates boss Pokémon, with the same 10% chance every amount of ticks).
  • A good way to complement it is by defeating all the Pokémon spawning in the other floors, as not only the boss Pokémon yield money, but also regular Pokémon do too; in the long term, you will be getting more ResortCASH, as boss Pokémon can take some time to spawn, and defeating the normal forms can give more room for them and also give you bonus money.

Method 2: Ultra Balls UltraBallIcon.png

An example of an Ultra Ball kind of factory.

Another popular method to earn ResortCASH is the mass production, fabrication and sale of Ultra Balls, due to having the best price for selling within the craftable items available for sale to the server (using the /sell feature).

For a systematic tutorial on how to create Poké Balls in general (including, of course, Ultra Balls), you can visit this link to get started. This method will be divided in three different sections, regarding the optimal obtaining means for each one of the components of Ultra Balls: apricorns, iron and buttons.

Apricorns Apricorn Box.png

An Apricorn tree in the wilderness.

As you might already know, to craft the top part of an Ultra Ball, you need two black apricorns and one yellow apricorn. In PokeResort, there is a limit to the amount of Apricorns that each player can plant in the world.

The /limit menu.
  • Globally, a player can only place up to 320 apricorn trees in the world, spread as they please (you can access your limit using the /limit command).
  • By default, there is also a restriction for plants that can be placed in a single chunk (16x16 area), which is 32 (per chunk).

Having these limitations in mind, here are some tips when planning and locating an Apricorn farm (for these purposes):

  • The best place, by far, are the intersections where four of the chunk borders meet (the corner). This for two reasons: (1) optimizes space placing them next to each other (2) by abiding to the chunk restriction (meaning that it is the best distribution possible if you want to have them as near as possible).
    • In order to check the chunk borders for this matter, you can press the F3 and G keys simultaneously.
  • Preserve the ratio of black and yellow apricorns to 2:1 (since that is the ratio of the apricorns needed for the crafting process).
    • So, for example, if you wish to use your entire limit (320 apricorns) on this, the best spread of black/yellow would be around 214 black apricorns and 106 yellow apricorns (roughly a 2 factor); to keep it simple, make sure that for each yellow apricorn tree, there are 2 black apricorn trees, so you do not end with a surplus of yellow or black apricorns unused.
  • Locate the farm near your base or the place you spend most time in, since apricorn trees require chunk loading in order to grow (and you can hit two birds with one stone doing other stuff while the apricorns passively develop).
  • If you want to accelerate the growth of the apricorns, you can use either bone meal or a Wailmer Pail:
    • To obtain a lot of bone meal, you can head to The End (using the warp command /warp end and then using the /rtp command to randomly teleport around the dimension) and defeat Absol (they can yield 1 to 4 bones). If you use a Strong Dark Lure, more Absol will spawn, and you will get even more bones!
    • A Wailmer Pail acts like bone meal, but it has some restrictions: it will advance one stage the growth state of the apricorn trees, but it can only be used once per Minecraft day and it will lose some durability with each use (to prevent abuse with our PixelScape system). To construct it, you will need three bones, one water bucket and three iron ingots.

Regarding the cooking and the fabrication of the discs, some things to have in mind are:

  • Cook as many apricorns simultaneously as possible, since that will save you time.
  • Using a hammer to process the discs in the Pixelmon anvil can be much faster than resorting to the Mechanical Anvil: a Fire Stone hammer enchanted with Efficiency V has a manufacture time of 1.5 seconds (even faster than Diamond!), meanwhile the Anvil’s manufacture time will be the same as a normal furnace. If you do not wish to waste time hammering, the Mechanical Anvil is the way to go.

Iron IronIngotIcon.png

Iron found in a mineshaft.

For the bottom part of the Ultra Ball, you will need iron or aluminum ingots (any of them work). Given that using iron is more efficient than aluminum (with three iron ingots, you get five bases, while with aluminum you get three bases), this section will focus on that material.

As you could already suppose, the main way to obtain iron is mining. Some tips regarding this matter are:

  • Craft and use a full set of Thunder Stone armor; it will grant you Haste II while you wear it, which will help you mine faster.
  • Have a Pokémon in your party that knows the move Magnet Rise (list here) or Metal Sound (list here), or one with the Magnet Pull ability (list here). This will allow that Pokémon to use the external move Ore Sense, which will illuminate nearby ores for a short period (behind walls and under stone, too), with a cooldown timer of five minutes.
  • Try mining in caves, as they often have many underground paths that can lead to mineshafts (with lots of iron ore), ravines (with exposed surface iron ore) and even dungeons (that can have iron ingots and other rare items).

Mining, as you would assume, is the best method available to get a ton of iron, especially when done systematically and continuously. Nevertheless, it is not the only one. Another decent way to get iron ingots (directly) is defeating Pawniard, if mining has bored you enough. These Pokémon yield 1-2 iron ingots, and have a 2/3 chance of yielding 1-2 aluminum ingots, and are not extremely difficult to find (they have an uncommon rarity label).

A Pawniard spawning in the Nether.
  • In order to farm iron/aluminum ingots defeating Pawniard, you will need to create a Strong Steel Lure (for Lures recipes, visit the official Pixelmon article here).
  • Once you have obtained the Strong Steel Lure, head to the Nether using the /warp nether command and randomly teleport using the /rtp command.
  • Stablish yourself in a fixed location and equip the Strong Steel Lure in the slot under the Mega Stone icon, in the left side menu above your Pokémon team, inside your inventory. This will multiply Pawniard’s spatwn chance by a factor of three.
  • Defeat as many Pawniard as you can, and then switch locations to refresh spawning attempts. Although slower in the long term, this method can give you some extra iron/aluminum ingots whenever you feel burnt out from mining.


For the middle part of the Ultra Ball, you will need stone buttons. This part is the simplest one, since constructing buttons only requires stone. Some good methods to obtain great amounts of stone are:

  • Mining stone directly from underground, with a Diamond Pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch and Efficiency V, and with a Thunder Stone Armor set to enhance the speed (Haste II).
    • You can get these enchantments from fishing with a Super Rod, getting lucky in an Enchantment Table with a book or by winning against the sixth floor NPC Boss from the Boss Tower.
  • If you do not have Silk Touch, you can just mine a lot of cobblestone and smelt it in several furnaces.

Method 3: NPCsNPCIcon.png

A NPC Trainer in the Spawn Zone.

A third great method to farm ResortCASH are NPC trainers, found randomly spawning across the entire world. The peculiarity of them is that they yield a specific amount of ResortCASH upon defeat, depending on the level average of their Pokémon and their types.

  • As a first step, you will need to get an Amulet Coin or a Luck Incense. These items double the amount of money obtainable against NPC Trainers.
    • In order for this multiplier to apply, one of the Pokémon engaging in battle has to be holding the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense.
    • You can get an Amulet Coin from Ultra Ball PokéLoot, defeating wild Meowth (5% chance) or levelling the Smithing skill from PixelScape to 25.
    • You can get a Luck Incense from Ultra Ball PokéLoot or from creating it in an Infuser. To construct an Infuser, you will need two glass bottles, one amethyst, 4 aluminum plates, a furnace and one piece of charcoal. Now, to make the Incense, you will need to create an Incense Burner (using four aluminum plates, four iron bars and one piece of charcoal) and forage three Pamtre Berries (using the Forage external move on leaves with a Grass or Bug-type Pokémon).
  • Once you have gotten ahold of one of these items, make a powerful Pokémon (preferably at level 100) in your party hold it, one that will enter the battle and sweep the different teams of the NPC trainers.
    • You can have one or two other Pokémon to serve as backup, in case the first one faints.
  • With all of this set up, the last step is to find the best place for NPC Trainer spawns. If you have spent some time strolling around the Spawn Zone, you might have a hunch by now. Yes, one of the best places to find NPC Trainers is the spawn, since there is always people around refreshing spawns and being a Deep Ocean biome, there are less possible Pokémon spawn that could compete against the NPC Trainer spawns. Put in a simpler way, you will find a great amount of NPC Trainers spread around the Spawn locations, making it ideal for this method.
  • All that is left is to travel around the Spawn defeating the NPC Trainers, which will grant you some thousands in little time.
    • You can also go into the wilderness to find a Deep Ocean biome for yourself, and make a platform; the only difference is that you will have to be there during nights, as it is the best time for NPC Trainer spawns.

Method 4: Pickup PickupIcon.png

An example of a Pokémon, Pachirisu, with the Pickup ability.

A last method, a bit slower and time-consuming, is taking advantage of the Pickup ability that some Pokémon have. The effect of Pickup is that, upon winning a battle, the Pokémon will deposit an item from a pool (special drops) in the player’s inventory, given that the Pickup Pokémon does not have a held item of its own. A good thing about Pickup is that the Pokémon with this ability does not have to participate in battle for the effect to trigger. For more information about the Pickup ability, you can check the official Pixelmon article here.

  • The first step is to get at least five Pokémon with the Pickup ability. The reason is simple: to maximize the odds and the amount of items you get from each battle.
    • One of the best options would be Pachirisu, since it is a very common spawn in Taiga and Cold Taiga biomes during the day, and it does not evolve (which could obstruct the continuous grind, and holding an Everstone would prevent the trigger of the effect itself).
    • You can fill your entire party with Pickup Pokémon (6) to have the best odds possible (near 47% of getting at least one item). Also, make sure to level these Pokémon up to at least 81 or more, since the quality/rarity of the possible items deposited in your inventory will depend on the level too (for level 81+, there is a 79% chance for a tier 1 special drop, a 20% chance for a tier 2 drop, and 1% chance for a tier 3 drop).
  • Make sure to have your inventory as empty as possible: you will be getting a bunch of items constantly, and having a full inventory will prevent the Pickup ability from triggering.
  • Now, with all of these requirements met, you can go on and defeat any wild Pokémon to start getting items. You might be wondering, where does the ResortCASH gain come from? The answer is simple: from selling those items.

Selling System SellIcon.png

PokeResort has a custom selling system, where players can exchange a vast majority of the items available in the game for fixed amounts of ResortCASH (or, in other words, sell items to the server for set prices).

The /sell menu.

The selling system is accessible through the /sell command, displaying a menu with two options: one to sell and one to check prices.

For the selling part, there will be another menu that will show all the sellable items in the player’s inventory. At the bottom of it, there will also be a Name Tag icon; this option makes it possible to switch between selling items 1 by 1 to 16 by 16, 64 by 64 or just sell everything. Be careful when playing with these options!

The menu to check prices.

For the checking prices part, there will be another menu displaying all the items that are possible to sell to the server, ordered alphabetically, and their respective prices, like some sort of catalog or worth list.

  • With this information in mind, this Pickup method heavily resorts in the selling feature, as it is expected that the player make a decent amount of ResortCASH from selling the items gotten from the triggering of the ability. Obviously, it is not necessary to sell everything, as you could get very valuable items from Pickup, and some of them are better left saved in case you need them in the future (like Poké Balls, Rare Candies and diverse held items useful for competitive).
    • The best items to sell are, given their $250 ResortCASH price, the TMs/HMs, which you can get at any tier.
    • Have in mind that Berries are not sellable (but you can get them from this method), so you can just save them for other purposes or trash them, if you need to.
  • As a last tip, it is better to combine this method with one of the other three, since it can become a useful source of bonus income when paired with the core methods.

Bonus/Alternative Methods

This group of methods is thought as a form of bonus income rather than a regular way to grind for ResortCASH, and might require more time or more effort in order to complement the other paths shown previously.

Voting VotingIcon.png

The 4 PokeResort vote links.

Voting at, as discussed in the Starter Guide, is a system to support the server in terms of rankings and popularity, which also rewards the players for doing so. By voting, you can get not only ResortCASH, but also other useful items and rare amenities like:

Reward Chance (approx. %)
$500 ResortCASH 15.5%
$1,000 ResortCASH 15.5%
5x Ultra Ball 15.5%
5x Rare Candy 15.5%
Pokémon Key 15.5%
Money Key 15.5%
Item Key 3.88%
175 Arcane ⚜ 2.33%
Master Ball 0.47%
Shiny Egg 0.16%
Rare Key 0.16%

Relic Silver

A Relic Silver.

Relic Silver are symbolically a money token, available for sale to the server with a price of $5,000 ResortCASH each. Currently, there are two ways of getting them:

  • Using Battle Points, the Battle Tower currency (visit the article for more information about this feature): each Relic Silver costs 100 BP.
  • Leveling up the Farming skill up to 50 in the PixelScape skill system (you can get 3 Relic Silver this way).


The PixelScape skills menu.

As stated in the PixelScape article, mastering the skills will grant you $5,000 ResortCASH for each one, which will leave you with an extra amount of $80,000 ResortCASH if you manage to complete them all.


A Brewing Stand and an Infuser.

A more complex way to make some extra income is by brewing medicines/potions and infusing vitamins, and selling them to the server.

Brewing BrewingIcon.png
The Brewing menu, with water bottles and a Lum Berry.

To start your brewing career, you will need:

  • Brewing Stands, made with three blocks of cobblestone and one blaze rod.
  • Blaze Powder as a fuel for the Brewing Stands
    • In order to get many Blaze Rods (which are used to construct the Brewing Stands and to make Blaze Powder), you can defeat Ninetales in the Boss Tower’s first floor (they yield 1 or 2 blaze rods every time you defeat one).
  • Glass Bottles and an infinite water pool near the Brewing Station (area with Brewing Stands).
  • Berries, specific to the medicine/potion being brewed. The priciest ones ($20 ResortCASH) are Hyper Potions, Full Heal and the X boosters (X Speed, X Sp. Atk, X Defense and X Attack).
    • Berries, like apricorns, also have limits. Each player can plant up to 160 berries in the world, and between apricorns and berries, 32 plants per chunk.
    • Keep in mind whenever you plant berries, that for getting the best yield out of them, the best soil is hydrated farmland (or Dirt treated with a Hoe near a water source).
    • If you want to increase the yield of berries per plant (as there is no way to accelerate berries growth time), you can use the same methods as with apricorns.
    • Another thing to take into account is that berries, unlike Apricorns, take in-real-life hours to grow and be harvestable; but no worries, they will continue to grow even if you aren’t online or loading the chunks where they are located!
    • For Hyper Potions, you will need Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav or Iapapa Berries; for Full Heals, you will need Lum Berries; and for the X boosters you will need either Petaya (X Speed), Salac (X Sp. Atk), Ganlon (X Defense) or Liechi (X Attack) Berries. You can obtain them from biomes with forests, in their planted forms, or from using the external move Forage on leaves with a Grass or Bug-type Pokémon.

Once you have collected all of these materials, the process is similar to the Brewing one for vanilla Minecraft potions:

  • First, fill three bottles with water and place them inside the Brewing Stands.
  • Fuel the Brewing Stands with Blaze Powder.
  • Place the berry on top to start brewing the desired medicine/potion.
    • Make sure to use a good amount of Brewing Stands simultaneously, so you make as many medicine/potions as possible in one run!

Now that you have brewed the selected medicine/potions, you can sell them using the /sell command and system explained previously.

Infusing InfuserIcon.png
The Infuser menu, with a Ganlon Berry and a Resist Feather.

To begin your vitamin-infusing adventure, you will need:

  • An Infuser, made with two glass bottles, one amethyst, four aluminum plates, one piece of charcoal and one furnace.
    • To get aluminum plates, you can smash aluminum ingots using a hammer in a Pixelmon anvil or defeat Magneton in the seventh floor of the Boss Tower.
  • Fuel, like coal or lava buckets.
  • Berries, with the same tips and principles explained for Brewing.
    • As all Vitamins have the same price ($75 ResortCASH each), you can choose any of them: for Iron, you will need 10 Ganlon Berries, for Carbos, you will need 10 Salac Berries, for Zinc, you will need 10 Apricot Berries, for Calcium, you will need 10 Petaya Berries, for HP Up, you will need 10 Sitrus Berries and for Protein, you will need 10 Liechi Berry.
  • Feathers, a type of medicine used to increase specific EVs in 1 point.
    • For Iron, you will need a Resist Feather, for Carbos, you will need a Swift Feather, for Zinc, you will need a Clever Feather, for Calcium, you will need a Genius Feather, for HP Up, you will need a Health Feather, and for Protein, you will need a Muscle Feather.
    • To obtain these feathers, the most consistent way is by using the external move Headbutt on any tree in any biome (the Pokémon needs to know the Headbutt move to use it; you can find a list of the Pokémon that can learn this move here).

Once you have collected all of these materials, the process is still very simple, as with Brewing:

  • Provide the Infuser with the fuel.
  • Place the 10 Berries and the respective Feather in, and the Vitamin will be infused shortly.

Now that you have infused the selected vitamins, you can sell them using the /sell command and system explained previously.

Fishing FishingIcon.png

A humble Fisherman in the coast... fishing!

Another complementary method, more in the long term and requiring a lot of patience, is fishing. This Pixelmon mechanic can grant you a vast variety of items, such as minerals (emeralds and diamonds, being the most valuable ones), bottle caps (both silver and golden), shards (for evolutionary stones and blue/red orbs), enchanted books, and type-gems and pearls (mostly useful for their pure sellable nature).

Not only that, but it can also grant you rare Pokémon, such as Ash-Greninja (that is very valuable for players in terms of competitive usage, meaning that, economically, it can be sold for quite a few thousands of ResortCASH), Dratini/Dragonair, Milotic, among others.

This method relies in two other features: the /sell feature, explained in previous sections (to sell more common items, such as minerals, evolutionary stones, pearls and type-gems), and the possibility to sell to other players using features such as /gts, /safetrade and /pay, all explained in the Trading guide (to sell the rarest items and Pokémon, such as bottle caps and blue/red shards, or Ash-Greninja).

  • For these purposes, the best rod to use when fishing is the Super Rod, as it grants you the chance of getting the rarest rewards and Pokémon from fishing, such as Ash-Greninja (you can check this tutorial in order to obtain one), Silver and Golden Bottle Caps, among others.
  • The best biome to fish in is the Deep Ocean, due to the wide range of possible loot and Pokémon it can offer to the player.

Competitive Breeding BreedingIcon.png

A Ranch Block, breeding Scorbunny and Larvesta.

It is worth mentioning that specializing in breeding competitive Pokémon to sell to other players (especially for regular tournament players) is another great method to amass ResortCASH, although it requires more knowledge in terms of how the breeding process work and patience to see beneficial outcomes. To get started in your breeding career, you can visit the Breeding guide, which covers in-depth information and steps to achieve battle perfect and attractive competitive Pokémon. For now, some general suggestions are:

  • Focus, firstly, in obtaining IV-perfect members of each egg group available, so you can cover any type of request coming your way (some Pokémon have two egg groups, which might make this process a little bit quicker/easier).
  • Scout for those Pokémon that people want the most in terms of competitive usage, and with that knowledge, focus your efforts in producing exemplars of them to sell freely in the global market (such as the GTS).
  • A good possibility is make a request-based business, letting people decide what they want and place a specific ‘order’ or set of assets wanted in the Pokémon.

Custom Shop CustomShopIcon.png

An example of a player's shop.

Finally, a more dedicated and specialized way to earn extra ResortCASH (which, truth be said, can become a main method if you focus enough) is to set up a custom player shop of your own. This has the advantage that you can choose the kind of shop you want to make (in other words, the items you will have for sale), thus, becoming a more versatile method than the other ones that have been shown in the previous sections. Some suggestions to specialize your shop in are:

  • Apricorns and iron (for their value as a material to create Poké Balls)
  • Legendary summoning items: Type-plates and Orbs (for both the Bird and the Creation trio).
  • Held items (both non-consumed and consumed after usage ones, being the latter the most valuable ones).
  • Poké Balls.
  • Mints (used to change the nature of the Pokémon for battle purposes).
  • Breeding/training items (such as Destiny Knots, Everstone, Power Items, Lucky Eggs, Exp. All… among others).
  • Berries (especially the EV-reducing ones, Lure-specific ones and the ones that cannot be planted, which are the most valuable).
  • Lures.
  • Enchanted Books

Once you have selected the core items that you will have for sale, it is time to set your shop.

Setting a Player Shop

To start and get your market going, you will need:

  • Chests, both for sale and for containing purposes. You can have up to 50 chests acting as shops.
  • The items you want to sell.

As you can see, not much is required in order to set a player shop. So now, with these materials, you will have to:

  • Punch a chest with the item you wish to sell in your hand.
  • Provide the input in chat for the sell price of that item (you will see a message displayed in it asking you to set the worth price).
  • If set up properly, the chest will now show a sign with the name of the item, the price and the specific mode (if it is selling or buying) of the shop.
    • A thing to always have in mind is to refill your chests, because if you sell a very demanded or valuable item, you will be constantly out of stock.
  • A great feature to pair Player Shops with is the Player Warps one; this lets you set a public warping point to a location of your choosing, meaning that players will be allowed to arrive anytime they want or need.
    • To create a player warp, you will need to have purchased [Member] rank (check the Ranks article for more information).
    • With an item of your liking in your hand (that will represent your shop in the player warps menu), use the /pw create name command to set a new player warp (e.g. /pw create Market).
    • If you have set it up correctly, the player warp will now be displayed in the /pw menu with the icon of the item you had in your hand in the moment of performing the command.

Spending ResortCASH

With all of these methods at your hand to grind and farm money, now it is time to check the different ways available in PokeResort to spend your ResortCASH, or, in fancier words, what the server has to offer you in terms of investing and trading that time and effort for something of your interest or liking. Unless your focus is to just increase your income for the sake of dominating the /baltop, working on one of these methods always points to one end: an item, a Pokémon, a rank, some type of deal… something that you need or want to do in order to achieve other goals. Considering this, in this part of the guide and in the following sections, we will unveil those possible goals and how they work.

Ranks RanksIcon.png

The Ranks menu (the first row features the Progression Ranks, the second the Donor Ranks).

One of the main and core objectives once players start playing is purchase and advance in the Progression Ranks line. The first ones, [Member] and [Member+], primarily require a certain amount of money, $10,000 and $100,000 ResortCASH respectively, and come with many additional benefits to enhance the playing experience. You can visit the article linked in the subtitle for more information. In order to purchase a Progression Rank (like the ones mentioned above), you will have to:

  • Use the /ranks or /member command to access the ranks menu (it will display both the Progression and the Donor Ranks).
  • Select the corresponding rank (making sure that, first, you meet all the requirements) and purchase it by performing the Shift + Right click combination.

Casino CasinoIcon.png

The Casino menu.

Another means that players usually invest money into is the PokeResort Casino. As a friendly warning, you should have in mind that, like any casino in real life (this one being no exception to this implicit rule), this is not supposed to be a reliable way to get profits (meaning that, most of the time, you will leave the Casino with less in your pockets than what you came with in the first place). Therefore, it is not recommendable, at least within the ResortCASH saving mindset, to spend money consistently trying to get something great.

However, this does not mean you should not spend money at all; of course, there is room for fun, and it is okay to invest every now and then that spare money you have in your balance, just to see if you get lucky and hit any jackpot. As a rule of thumb, spending great amount of thousands of ResortCASH is not very reasonable… but if you have no other better use for it, then there is nothing stopping you! May the odds be with you!

For more information about the available crates, the rewards contained in them and the odds of each one, you can visit the article linked in the subtitle.

Server Shop ServerShopIcon.png

The Server's shop, featuring multiple categories of items and blocks.

If shopkeepers are disabled, are you supposed to get everything by yourself from scratch? Gather materials, process them, and design the item following the different recipes? Well, that’s true for a part of the items available, but PokeResort also has a server shop that features most of the principal utilities for your Pixelmon journey, such as Medicines/Potions, Poké Balls (not all!), EV-reducing Berries, Specialty and Decorative Blocks, Minerals and Machines, among others.

  • In order to access the server shop, you need to use the /shop command.
  • Once in the shop menu, you can choose between different categories of items or blocks, which are further divided into the specific items and blocks they reunite.
    • You can buy either one by one (Right click) or sixteen by sixteen (Shift+Right click).
  • Have in mind that, as a way to encourage the player to gather their own blocks and items, most things contained in the server shop are overpriced (in relation to, for example, common prices among the players or the ones in the /sell menu).
  • Either way though, as a general advice, it is better if you set up your own methods to obtain those same items and blocks, so you can use the ResortCASH in other ways.

GTS GTSIcon.png

The GTS menu, containing various and diverse listings from players across the same server.

One of the best features to invest money into is, probably, the GTS (Global Trading System). Through this system, any player within the same server can post items or Pokémon for sale, and by the same principle, any player within the same server can buy them for the price listed. There are some restrictions/premises to keep in mind while using GTS:

  • All listings last twelve hours at maximum. When that timer expires, the items/Pokémon listed go back to the player’s inventory or their party/PC.
    • If you have a full inventory, your items might get lost in case the listing expires and you get online to retrieve them. To avoid this, make sure to always have at least as much space as items you listed.
  • You might list up to five different items/Pokémon, meaning that if you want to list more, you will need to wait for one of them to be sold or expired, or retrieve it from the GTS and post the other item/Pokémon instead.
  • The economy is centered on players, thus, there are no set prices for anything: players decide the worth of their items/Pokémon. However, the prices are influenced mainly by two factors: (1) the law of supply and demand and (2) the common/general prices history, which might set a criterion for others to compare and decide when to buy or when to sell.

Now, this section will bifurcate in two paths: buying and selling.


  • To buy an item/Pokémon, use the /gts command and right click the specific one from the menu.
    • If you wish, you can use the Diamond at the bottom right corner to switch between the only items or only Pokémon mode, depending on your interests.
  • If you agree with the price in relation to its properties, you can proceed to confirm the purchase: first, you will see the item/Pokémon surrounded by some glass panes. Right click one of the black glass panes in the center of the menu.
  • Then, right click one of the green glass panes that will appear at the bottom of the menu.
  • Voilà! The item/Pokémon is now yours, and the ResortCASH is automatically added to the player.


  • To list an item or Pokémon to sell, use the /gts add or /gts sell.
  • From the menu that will show, choose Item or Pokémon depending on what you are selling.
    • If you are selling a Pokémon, it will need to be in your party (it can be either an egg or an actual Pokémon).
    • If you are selling an item, it will need to be in your inventory.
  • Choose the Pokémon from your party displayed in the menu.
  • Use the green dye to increase the value, with different combinations of keys increasing the price by different amounts of ResortCASH.
  • Use the red dye to decrease the value, with different combinations of keys increasing the price by different amounts of ResortCASH.
  • Once you are happy with the price, confirm the listing by clicking the gold ingot icon.
  • Voilà! Your item/Pokémon is now up for sale; you can track if the item/Pokémon was sold in the #market-gts channel of our Discord.
  • Choose the item from your inventory by clicking it.
  • Use the green dye to increase the value, with different combinations of keys increasing the price by different amounts of ResortCASH.
  • Use the red dye to decrease the value, with different combinations of keys increasing the price by different amounts of ResortCASH.
  • Once you are happy with the price, confirm the listing by clicking the gold ingot icon.
  • Voilà! Your item/Pokémon is now up for sale; you can track if the item/Pokémon was sold in the #market-gts channel of our Discord.

Player Shops

As stated in the earning ResortCASH section, player shops are a great alternative method to make extra money in the long term, but they are also a good way to invest money, given their diverse and versatile nature (you an almost find anything in player markets and shops!).

The Player Warps menu.
  • You can check most of the player shops and markets in the /pw menu.
  • In order to purchase from a player shop, you will need to Left-click (punch) the sign with your bare hand.
  • Once you have done this, it will ask you in chat to provide an input (an amount or quantity of the items of that class that you want to buy).
  • If you have enough money in your /balance, the amount needed to purchase said amount will be discounted shortly after giving the input and you will have the items deposited in your inventory.

Clans ClansIcon.png

Finally, another use given to ResortCASH is creating a Clan (costing $50,000 ResortCASH), which are groups of people that stick together and pursue the same goals, working and helping each other out. Now, clans do not have much more use other than being a way to gather and reunite people in one big group (more like a fun feature than a competitive/systematic one). Nevertheless, clans do have some useful benefits, like:

  • Sharing a teleport point, which the owner can set using the /clan set base. Any member of the clan will be able to warp to this location after setting it using the /clan base command, making it sort of a group /home.
    • This is mostly used as a warp to the clan’s base, where generally the members gather to hang out and have fun together, or run other type of activities.
  • Having a bank to deposit/withdraw money from, although this feature is only accessible to the owner/officers.
  • Having a hierarchy/rank system, helping clans to organize their internal structure and roles.

In terms of members, Clans can only hold up to a maximum of 10 (so make wise use of this feature and choose carefully!). For more information about this system, you can visit the Clans article.

Other (Misc.)

Other minor systems/features that use ResortCASH include:

  • The badges that Move Tutors demand to teach your Pokémon special moves (they cost $500 ResortCASH and are purchasable with the /badge command).
  • Making deals with other players, such as breeding requests, building petitions and other kinds of trades for services.

Final Words

The purpose of this guide was to give a painstaking analysis and review of the two dynamic sides of ResortCASH: the earning and the spending. Nevertheless, this guide is far from finished. With the constant evolution and development of Pixelmon and PokeResort, the introduction of new mechanics, systems and features, so does ResortCASH change in its complexity, and new methods may arise, while others might fall. That is not a worry; for now, this guide can serve as the starting point for players to build their economic and financial knowledge about PokeResort up, and may they (and you, reader!) find the (new or old) method(s) that suit them (or you) the most.

With these many dimensions to the ResortCASH currency… what are you waiting for, Trainer? It is the time to dominate the economic sphere of your Pixelmon adventure! May the Fortune gods be with you!