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Hello there, trainer, and welcome to PokeResort, the best Pixelmon experience!

Before you start your adventure, make sure to check /help for a quick list of our most popular perks, custom features and important commands!

The help menu, containing brief descriptions and information for PokeResort's main features and commands.

Also, don't forget to claim some free items to begin your journey using /rewards and supporting the server using /vote.


Upon joining one of our servers, be it OASIS, BREEZE or SUNSET, and after you have chosen a starter to make you company in your journey, if you're new to the Pixelmon world, you probably will be wondering what to do. Some basics to bear in mind are:

  • Press the R button to send out the Pokémon you have selected in the GUI at the left side of your screen.
  • To challenge a wild Pokémon or NPC trainer to a battle, you will need to aim at them and press R (make sure to aim at the hitbox, which you can view pressing the F3 and B buttons simultaneously).
  • To switch between Pokémon in your party, use the up and down arrow keys.

Train & Explore

Now that you know the basic controls to guide yourself through your adventure, you will find that many of the wild Pokémon in the spawn zone are too strong or high-leveled for your starter. No worries! If you use the command /warp dojo, you can walk to the grass zone you will find behind the wooden bridge and fight some low-leveled Pokémon, all of them weak to one of the types of the starter Pokémon (Grass, Fire or Water-types will spawn there!).

Once you have trained your starter up to a decent level (maybe, if you grinded a lot, it will be in its evolved form!), you can go and travel to the wild to catch some other Pokémon to complete your team, or even start building a base of your own! In any case, you can use the command /rtp to teleport to a random location in the wilderness, where you will find new Pokémon and biomes to settle yourself.

Note: In order for the Pokémon to spawn, you will need to stay in the selected area for some time (some seconds, generally).

Claim Land

At this point, you might have started building a base or a house somewhere in the wild. In this case, you could be worried about protecting your belongings and your base itself. To do so, you need to claim the land or area where your base is settled, following these steps:

  • First, you will need to claim a Land Wand using the command /kit claimtool (if you lose it, don't worry, you can always claim it again after the 5 minutes cooldown!).
  • Then, holding the Land Wand in your main hand, right click two opposite corners of the area you wish to protect or claim as yours.
  • Once you have done all of this, everything will be protected and inaccessible for any other players.
    • A good way to check if you have done it correctly is holding a stick in your main hand and right clicking the ground; if you see some gold and glowstone blocks appear on the ground as the corners, congratulations, the process has worked and you are safe and sound!
    • In addition to that, you can also check your current claims using the command /claimlist, which will display information about all of your current claims (like coordinates, for example, in case you need them).

What happens if you want to let another player have access to your claim? As a precaution and advice, it's recommended that you only use this feature with people you are confident that you can trust. To grant access to one of your claims (the one you're standing on), you will need to use the command /trust name (e.g. /trust Zeot), and to revoke it, you will need to use /untrust name (e.g. /untrust Zeot).

Another thing to keep in mind is that, sadly, you aren't able to teleport to your claims (at least, not in a strict sense). However, what you can do is set a home in a spot near or on the claim, which you can do using the command /sethome name (e.g. /sethome base). Once you have set a home, you can always use the command /home name (e.g. /home base) to teleport to that particular location!

Finally, through your adventure, it's possible that you might want to delete a claim you no longer use (or you might even want to delete them all!). In order to do so, you can use the command /abandonclaim to delete a single claim you are standing on, and the command /abandonallclaims to delete all of your claims.


ResortCASH is the name of the money currency used on the server for any economic transaction. You can use it for:

  • Purchasing any of the items and blocks listed in the catalog of your shop, which you can access using the command /shop.
  • Purchasing items, blocks and Pokémon from other players across the server (particularly, in OASIS, BREEZE or SUNSET) using the command /gts.
  • Making trades with other particular players using the command /safetrade name (e.g. /safetrade Zeot).
  • Paying other players for any kind of services or products using the /pay name amount command (e.g. /pay Zeot 100 would pay the player Zeot $100 ResortCASH).

Now, you might have noticed that shopkeepers are disabled, thus making the standard Pixelmon money-making methods impossible. In PokeResort, we have many other possible ways to make some money, like:

  • Voting for the server using the command /vote.
  • Defeating wild Pokémon, which have a 50% chance of dropping $50, $100, $150 or $200 ResortCASH (in the form of a red gift box in the Rewards menu that displays when you win the battle).
    • A good place to use this mechanic is the public Boss Tower, which you can warp to using the command /boss, as here you can find different floors with two types of Pokémon spawning constantly. This tower will spawn boss Pokémon (10% of the time), stronger and higher-leveled versions of the common ones. The particularity of them is that, depending on the rarity of the boss, they will multiply the amount of cash earned upon defeat (2.0x for Uncommon, 2.5x for Rare, 3.0x for Legendary and 3.5x Ultimate bosses).
  • Selling Pokémon drops and a vast majority of items using the /sell command. You can check the price before selling the item using the /worth command while holding that specific item in your hand.
  • Making trades and transactions with other players, as listed above with the /gts, /safetrade and /pay features.
  • Trying your luck with Money Keys, which you are able to purchase using the command /casino.
  • Defeating NPC trainers located all over our /spawn zone, Safari Zone (use /warp safari to check it out, but you will need to have Member rank to access it, which costs $10,000 ResortCASH) and randomly spawning in the wilderness.
  • Redeeming Relic Silver (use /sell to trade it for $5,000 ResortCASH), obtainable from:
    • Exchanging BP (battle points), earned from using the Battle Tower feature in our SS Anne ship, accessible through the /battle command; this is a more advanced and harder method, but useful to keep in mind for when you need some quick extra money.
    • Leveling up your Farming skill up to level 50 in the PixelScape skill system.

Arcane ⚜

Arcane ⚜ is a custom PokeResort currency used to modify traits of your Pokémon, like its nature and size, among other possibilities (use the command /arcane to have a broad view of what you can do with it). You can get Arcane ⚜ from:

  • Voting (use /vote).
  • Playtime rewards (use /rewards to redeem).
  • Hunting Pokémon: With the /hunt feature, if you catch one of the Pokémon with one of the correct natures listed, you can get a slight amount of Arcane ⚜, including other rewards, like some Rare Candies ResortCASH (the amount will depend on the difficulty of the hunt).
  • Redeeming Relic Gold (redeemed using the /gyms command), that you get from:
    • Defeating our Gym Islands (use /warp gyms to visit them).
    • Defeating the Elite 4 Islands (use /elite4 to check them; keep in mind that in order to challenge them, you need to defeat the 8 gyms before).
    • Leveling up your PixelScape skills, specifically after reaching level 25 of Slayer and level 50 of Smithing (use /mmo to check the skills, your levels and rankings).
  • Item crates in our casino (use /casino to purchase item keys and /warp casino to get there!).
  • The weekly NPC trainer, Arcane Anna, available at /spawn.
  • Events (like competitive Pokémon tournaments, beauty pageants, and many others) and discord giveaways (use /discord for more information!).
  • Purchasing some in our store (use /store to check it out!). You will also find the link in the section below and at the top of the Wiki page, in the Support PokeResort drop-down menu.

Useful Links

  • Join our Discord server, the best, easiest and fastest way for communication, support and to keep track of the latest announcements and updates (click here to get an invitation).
  • Support our server purchasing some custom items, like shiny tokens, shiny eggs, master keys, among many others, in our store accessible here!
  • You can also support our server by voting, having the chance to get awesome and useful rewards!
  • If you haven't done it already, feel free to try our custom Pixelmon launcher!
  • Don't know how to craft Poké Balls? No worries, this guide will help you out and get you started!
  • How does breeding work on Pixelmon? Visit this wiki page to know more about breeding!
  • You got an orb and don't know what to do with it? Check this tutorial and get a legendary bird in no time!
  • What are the prices for items in /sell? Check here for a complete list!
  • Where and when do legends spawn? Visit this page for information on every legendary Pokémon!

Final Words

This information can be a lot to handle and might be overwhelming, or sometimes hard to get the grasp of in a first approach. Don't worry, that's what we're for! If you have any kind of question or doubt related to PokeResort itself, or if you need help in general with Pixelmon, Minecraft, the Installation process, or anything related, you can always ask in our Discord server or in game, depending on the situation. I'm pretty sure our amazing and nice community and the staff itself will be more than happy to lend you a hand, so don't hesitate to do so!

So, trainer, what will you choose to do in PokeResort? Will you be the one that defeats the 8 Gym Leaders, the Elite 4 and the Champion itself? Will you be the one to catch 'em all, the absolute PokéDex Master? Will you be the one that masters all of the 18 unique skills of the PixelScape system? Will you be the richest player on the whole server? Imagination is the only limit, trainer, remember! Whatever path you follow or goals you set, I wish you the best for your journey, have fun, and enjoy PokeResort, the best Pixelmon experience!