Trade System

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Trading is a process that involves exchanging items, currencies or Pokémon for other items, currencies, or Pokémon of interest for both parties. It is also a requirement for some evolutions (check the official Pixelmon article for a list of these specific evolutions here). For this matter, PokeResort offers systems and features beyond the common Pixelmon experience, with safer and easily trackable options to keep everything under control and fair for all trainers across the server.

In the upcoming sections, you will find detailed information about how every single trading system works, what can be traded through them, what are the requirements and restrictions (if any), amongst other kind of additional data so you can start using the best options to keep you, your items, your currencies, and Pokémon safe and sound while trading.

General Information

Currently, the trading systems available in PokeResort consist of the Safetrade system, the Global Trading Station (GTS), trade machines, WonderTrade and Trade Simulation. Every trading system allows players to trade Pokémon, and some of them even permit the trade of items and money (this point will be specified when applicable).


The Safetrade GUI.

The Safetrade system is the most secure trading mean available in PokeResort and is always recommended as the top option to exchange anything valuable. This system consists of a user-friendly and greatly organized menu where every option and step are clearly pointed out and explained. It also counts with a lot of helpful features and additional aspects, such as:

  • A confirmation GUI/overview system, where both parties involved in a trade can appraise and evaluate again if they are satisfied with the offered goods.
  • An offline storage to retain and preserve items, Pokémon, and money (in case anything anomalous happens in the process) for the players to claim it later.
  • The possibility to pause and resume the trade whenever one of the parties wants.
  • The possibility to conduct trade evolutions (included the ones requiring held items).
  • The ability to trade items, Pokémon (even from the PC!) and money.
  • A chat only accessible to the parties involved in the trade (and the Staff).
  • Elaborate and full logs for the Staff to review any trade details.
  • Text windows that show all the data of the items, Pokémon or money offered.

Commands and Keys

  • To start a trade with another player, you can use the /safetrade player command to send a trade request. For example, if I want to request a trade to Zeot, I will use the /safetrade Zeot command.
    • To accept a Safetrade request, you need to perform the /safetrade accept command or click [Accept] in chat.
    • If you would like to decline a Safetrade request, you will need to input the /safetrade decline command or click [Decline] in chat.
  • In the case you want to exit the trade (to access the trading chat and discuss details with the other party, for example) you can either press the Esc key button or click the forbidden sign/barrier block at the top of the menu.
    • You can also pause the Safetrade for a similar effect by clicking the orange dye at the bottom of the menu.
    • Once you are done, you can use the /safetrade open command to bring back the trading menu.
  • If any problem or anomalous situation prevents you from getting any items, Pokémon, or money, you can use the /safetrade storage command to check your offline Safetrade storage and retrieve anything saved inside.

Usage method

Once you have successfully started a Safetrade and entered the trade menu, you will have three main options under your head to add things (by clicking the corresponding icon) to your offer:

  • The first chest, at the left side, will allow you to add any items from your inventory (or remove them and put them back to your inventory). Note that when you select an item, it will automatically add the entire amount (does not let you separate in two sets, for example).
  • The golden block, at the middle, will allow you to add or remove ResortCASH by multiples of 10 (up to a limit of $1,000,000 ResortCASH per click).
  • The last chest, at the right side, will allow you to add or remove Pokémon from your party or your PC.

At the bottom part of the trade GUI, you will find three other options in the shape of dyes:

  • A green dye used to confirm that you are satisfied with the details of the trade.
  • An orange dye used to pause the trade, exiting the GUI, and entering the Trading Chat.
  • A red dye used to flag yourself as not ready, in case you are unsure about the details of the trade after confirming.

When both parties involved in the trade have agreed and confirmed that they are happy with the trade details, a smaller GUI will appear, from which you and the other player can review both offers again and confirm their agreement a final time with the same options as before.

After performing these actions, the Safetrade will go through and both parties will receive the items, Pokémon and/or money they were offered right before confirming for the final time. However, sometimes certain scenarios may arise, and the player might not be able to claim the items, Pokémon and/or money right away (for example, if one or both parties disconnect right when the Safetrade is going through, or if a server crash or restart happens in the same moment). If this is the case, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! The life-saving and relieving Player Storage from the Safetrade system will hold all these precious belongings until you are finally able to claim them. To do this, you will have to:

  • Open this special vault with the /safetrade storage mentioned above.
  • You can either click the green dye to claim everything that has been stored or go one-by-one and click the things you wish to recover.
  • By doing this, you will receive your items in your inventory, your Pokémon in either your party or your PC (if you do not have enough slots in your party) and your money will be added to your balance.
  • Finally, Safetrade will send you a notification through chat specifying any items, Pokémon, or money that you can still grab, and will detail what things you were given.

Global Trading Station (GTS)

The Global Trading Station (GTS) GUI.

The Global Trade Station (GTS) is a trading system that acts like a public market of some sorts. It allows players to publish new offers for any other player from across the server (OASIS, BREEZE or SUNSET) to buy. Bear in mind that, since PokeResort is a player-driven economy, there are not any fixed or mandatory prices (amounts or ranges); the money that a player demands for its goods or Pokémon is up to that player only (and will never be forced to change it except in cases of blatant scams). If you are a new player and do not have a sense of the common prices for items or Pokémon in each server, your best bet is to consult different sources of information, such as:

  • The ingame chat itself, asking other seasoned players for their opinions on your offering.
  • The market channels for each in our Discord server, checking offerings from other players.
  • The GTS market channel, where you can review the history of offerings from every single server with detailed data.

Commands and Keys

  • To open the GTS menu to check the listings available, you can use the /gts command.
  • If you want to sell or add a new listing to the GTS menu, you can use the /gts add or /gts sell command to open a GUI where you can specify the Pokémon (must be in your party) or item (must be in your inventory) to list and change the desired price.


  • Listings expire after twelve hours; after this timer runs out, the listed items will go back to the player’s inventory and the listed Pokémon will go back to the player’s party or PC.
    • If your inventory is full when the GTS system tries to give your listed items back, you will lose them and will not be able to retrieve them; make sure you always have enough space for any listings that might expire without a buyer!
  • You can only list five items or Pokémon simultaneously; if you wish to add more to the GTS menu, you will need to either wait for one or more of them to be sold/expired or put down one or more of your listings and add the other items/Pokémon instead.
  • There are some items that, given their trolling/malicious usage, have been blacklisted from being posted in the GTS system (mainly consisting of Mail items).

Usage Method

This subsection will bifurcate to explain the two way in which the GTS can be used: for buying and for selling.


  • The first thing to do is to find a listing that suits your interests; to achieve this, you will need to open the GTS menu by performing the /gts command.
  • After doing so, you can freely search through the pages using the arrow-like icons at the sides of the clock at the bottom of the GUI, or you can apply a filter by using the Diamond icon located at the bottom corner and switch between the Only Items and Only Pokémon mode.
  • Now that you have an item/Pokémon that has caught your attention, and you are satisfied with the price set by its owner in relation to its different properties and traits, you can proceed to the purchase of it.
  • Click the desired item/Pokémon from the menu: this will open a new GUI where you will see the chosen listed item/Pokémon surrounded by black glass panes.
  • Right click one of these black panes, located in the center of the purchase menu.
  • Then, right click one of the green glass panes that will appear at the bottom of the same menu to confirm the purchase.

Congratulations! The item(s)/Pokémon is now all yours, and the corresponding amount of ResortCASH will be automatically deducted from your balance.


  • Like stated in the Commands and Keys section, you will need to execute the /gts add or /gts sell command to list an item/Pokémon.
  • This will display a menu with two options: one to list items and another one for Pokémon listings.
    • Choose Item or Pokémon according to what you wish to sell.
  • Remember that if you are selling a Pokémon (eggs included), it will need to be in your party (GTS does not support PC search inside its system), and if you are selling an item, it will need to be in your inventory.

If you are listing a Pokémon, the process consists of these steps:

The GTS GUI to list Pokémon.
  • First, choose the target Pokémon from your party, which will be displayed in the menu, and click it to add it.
  • Modify the price using the green dye to increase the value and the red dye to decrease it with the key combinations shown in the following table:
Controls/Keys combinations Green Dye Red Dye
Left Click +$1 ResortCASH -$1 ResortCASH
Right Click +$100 ResortCASH -$100 ResortCASH
Shift + Left Click +$1,000 ResortCASH -$1,000 ResortCASH
Left Click +$10,000 ResortCASH -$10,000 ResortCASH
  • Once you are satisfied with the price that you have set, confirm your listing by clicking the gold ingot icon (which also displays the current price when hovering over it).
  • Congratulations! Your Pokémon is now up for sale in the GTS menu. You can track if it was sold by going through the history of the #market-gts channel in our Discord server.

If you are listing an Item, the process consists of these steps:

The GTS GUI to list items.
  • First, choose the target item from your inventory and click it to add it.
    • You can specify the amount of the item using the Paper icon.
  • Modify the price using the green dye to increase the value and the red dye to decrease it with the key combinations shown in the following table:
Controls/Keys combinations Green Dye Red Dye
Left Click +$1 ResortCASH -$1 ResortCASH
Right Click +$100 ResortCASH -$100 ResortCASH
Shift + Left Click +$1,000 ResortCASH -$1,000 ResortCASH
Left Click +$10,000 ResortCASH -$10,000 ResortCASH
  • Once you are satisfied with the price that you have set, confirm your listing by clicking the gold ingot icon (which also displays the current price when hovering over it).
  • Congratulations! Your item is now up for sale in the GTS menu. You can track if it was sold by going through the history of the #market-gts channel in our Discord server.

Additionally, if you would like to take down a listing, you can use the Enchanted Book icon at the bottom left corner of the GTS menu, where you can check all your current listings and choose to take them down using the Anvil icon from there.

Trade Machines

A public Trade Machine from the PokeCenter.

Trade machines are the standard devices used for trading Pokémon in a normal Pixelmon journey. Since the existence of the other systems provides a better experience and more safety while trading, it is often recommended to resort on them; these machines also have some limitations, such as:

  • Only allowing trades one-to-one; a Pokémon for another Pokémon.
  • They do not provide or leave any logs for Staff members to check.
  • They only provide restricted information: a picture of the Pokémon, its level, stats and PokeDex description.
  • They only need one confirmation.

One of the advantages of trade machines is that they can be crafted and placed freely (however, you can only use public ones or any other ones that have been placed in claims you are trusted in or own). For more information about the recipe for the trade machine, visit the official Pixelmon entry here.

Commands and Keys

  • To access and use the public trade machines in the PokeCenter, you can use the /warp pc.
  • To enter a Trade Machine menu, you will need to right click it with an empty hand.
  • To exit the Trade Machine, you will need to click the Return button, symbolized by a returning arrow at the bottom right corner.

Usage Method

The Trade Machine GUI.

Trading through these devices is easier than the other ways (although, being more limited):

  • First, you will need to have the desired Pokémon in your party and then access the trade machine, like it was explained above (the same step goes for the other party interested in the trade).
  • Once both players have entered the trade machine, they will have to choose the target Pokémon to place it inside the device.
  • After that, if you feel happy with the hypothetical outcome of the trade, you just need to click the Ready button.

Congratulations! That’s it, you have successfully completed the trade.


WonderTrade is a special type of trade where the player chooses a Pokémon in their party to trade for a random Pokémon in the pool, which consists of other 100 Pokémon added by other players.

If a player adds a Legendary or a Shiny Pokémon, the Wondertrade system will send a notification through the public chat, announcing that they have added a LEGENDARY or a SHINY Pokémon (or both, if they add a Shiny Legendary Pokémon).

  • To add a Pokémon in your party to the WonderTrade pool, you will need to use the /wt slot name command. For example, if I want to add a Patrat that is in the fourth slot of my party, I will have to execute the /wt 4 Patrat command, and I would receive a random Pokémon from the pool in return.
    • Note that there is a cooldown for WonderTrade, meaning that you will have to wait 30 minutes after performing another trade through this command.

Congratulations! You have successfully performed a WonderTrade and have received a random stranger´s Pokémon… May Lady Luck be in your favor!

Trade Simulation

Finally, there is an additional trading system that only requires the player that owns the Pokémon to conduct the trade. This is the Trade Simulation, which allows trainers to simulate a trade to get a Pokémon evolution they desire. To do this, you will have to:

  • Purchase the [Member+] rank (check the Ranks article for the requirements!).
  • Use the /tradesim <slot> [trading partner] command to simulate the trade. For example, if I want to simulate the trade of a Gurdurr that is in the second slot of my party, I will have to run the /tradesim 2 command, causing my Gurdurr to evolve to a Conkeldurr.
    • The [trading partner] argument is used for specific Pokémon that will only evolve when they are traded with another specific Pokémon. For example, to evolve a Karrablast that is in the fifth slot of my party into Escavalier, I will have to use the /tradesim 5 Shelmet (since Karrablast needs to be traded for a Shelmet to evolve).


  • Since trading is a system that involves the exchange of valuable items, Pokémon or even money, it is possible that people might want to take advantage and try to scam other players. If you believe that you or other player has been victim of a scam, please, report it as soon as possible to the Staff members ingame or through our Discord server; for more information about this, feel free to visit the Criminal Code.